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Gary Spizzirri is a solo career artist performs as a musician/singer/songwriter with a beautiful voice appealing to a stunning variety of genres. His gift for crafting deeply emotional music is unparalleled, and it's been a part of his life as long as he can remember.   Gary resides in the city of Rancho Bernardo city of San Diego California. Gary makes a connection with the audience that is special to him and unique in his life. Gary has been seen performing in various venues and clubs of southern California and in the Midwest of Chicago where he started his music endeavors. Gary in his early years was influenced by many Chicago blues artists such as Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, and Paul Butterfield Blues Band to name a few as well as some early 1960’s local pop groups like the band Chicago. Later influences were Eric Clapton, and jazz guitarist George Benson and acoustic guitarist extraordinaire Tommy Emmanuel. Song writing influences were Dan Fogelberg; Kenny Loggins helped shape his song writing and passion with heartfelt romantic lyrics. With an early genius for both melody and harmony, a soulfully angelic singing voice, and a natural gift for romantic expression, Gary Spizzirri has created songs that have become embedded in our collective consciousness and resound with authentic magic and beauty years after they first emerged.

Gary performs regularly based in San Diego California at coffee houses, wine bars, restaurants, special events, and concerts. Performances at Witzend in Venice CA, and Winstons in Ocean Beach San Diego. Gary's studio and concert band is called “First Look”. Gary has performed with other professional groups as Portrait, Clear Ridge. Gary's versatility has also allowed him to be embarking on a solo career featuring himself as a singer/songwriter and acoustic guitarist. Gary's San Diego based band is made up of high energy studio musicians produced on Gary's own record label Seagull Records, which was his creation as an indie artist. Gary recently has signed his first recording contract as an artist with TMG, Tate Music Group and Publishing Company.

Gary wrote and produced a record in 1987 titled "Welcome Home" dedicated to Vietnam veterans which was widely received by Vietnam veterans and their families. It was a not for profit music venture. Gary has also produced 3 CD's, "Song in the Wind", "For The First Time,” Crossroads of Life". Gary is currently writing and working on his latest CD project of original music titled "My Turn to Fly".  Gary also works as a studio musician for other local artist and has played guitar for a theatrical play sound track titled “Love Is The Answer,” that will soon be released as a college theatrical play in 2015.

With many personal accomplishments Gary has harbored the desire to record and sing great American standards from the likes of Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darrin, Michael Buble, Harry Connick Jr. He has fulfilled that commitment in grand style by his release “For The First Time.” Gary has also made the commitment to helping the homeless in San Diego volunteering his time to serve and assist in events to help those in need of food clothes and shelter. His latest volunteer commitment is helping homeless kids between the ages of twelve and twenty four through arts and music. Donating a guitar to the music program is one of his contributions.

The music from Gary Spizzirri “Crossroads Of Life”, not coincidentally, represents where he is at in his life and the material that is currently streaming on internet radio station Jango Radio seemed to embrace most enthusiastically with over 30573 new listeners and a fan base growing to over 1526 from around the world in the past two years. Gary ‘s music is also streaming on Reverbnation and has several times reached the #1 position for alternative music in San Diego. For those fans, and the new ones surely to be won this year, there is very good news and optimism.

Gary Spizzirri

Born in Chicago, I was influenced by many of the blues artists from the area, such as Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, and The Paul Butterfield Blues Band. Later, I found myself drawn to the likes of Eric Clapton, Chicago, and jazz guitarist George Benson. As I developed as an artist, songwriting became my passion, which brought forth influences from songwriters, such as Dan Fogelberg and Kenny Loggins. You can learn more about my development with this document.

I perform regularly in coffee houses, wine bars, restaurants, and at special events and concerts as a solo artist or with my band, First Look. With such versatility, I have performed with other professional groups such as Portrait and Clear Ridge, while also continuing my success as a solo artist. My San Diego-based band is made up of high-energy studio musicians who work regularly with me at my label, Seagull Records.

Produced Music
I wrote and produced a record in 1987 titled "Welcome Home," which was dedicated to the veterans of the Vietnam War. Since then, I have produced three CDs: "Song in the Wind"," Crossroads of Life", and "For the First Time." My most recent CD of original music titled "My Turn to Fly" will be released in the forthcoming months. 

Contact me in San Diego, California, to learn more about my development as a recording artist.

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